The MPADT through the auspices of the National ICT Plan is responsible for the transformation and advancement of the lives of all citizens through increased efficiency in service delivery. In today’s world of advanced technology, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can support the Government in achieving its mandate..

The Access TT Centres allow citizens quick access to information, training and e-Government services in the rural and less-developed areas of Trinidad and Tobago. These under-served locations traditionally lack basic ICT infrastructure, social services and online connectivity to GoRTT services. Additionally, there are fewer physical Government Ministries and Agencies within these areas to facilitate transactions as well as limited access to adequate education and training facilities.


General Services at the Access Centres:

  • Cyber Cafe Facilities;
  • ICT Training and Conference Room Facilities;
  • e-Learning through Free Online Microsoft Learning Resources;
  • Access to e-Services;
  • Access to free Printing/Faxing; and
  • Access to the Wi-Fi Lounge/Patio with free internet access.



What are the features of the Cyber Cafe?

The Cyber Cafes are furnished with state of the art IT equipment, well lit workstations and comfortable seating arrangements for users of all ages. Citizens can access word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations or browse on their favourite websites. Also, our friendly Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are present throughout the day to assist users in any way possible. Best of all this service is entirely FREE.



The Wi-Fi patio enables users to bring their personal devices (Laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.) and enjoy the ambience of the outdoor setting at the Centre which beautifully merges technology and nature. The comfortable seating areas in the Wi-Fi patio provide access to the Access TT Centre's wireless network at no charge to users of this service.




What are e-Services?

e-Services are provided to users via the ttconnect portal.


How can you access the Training Room or Conference Room?


You can reserve a Training Room or Conference Room by contacting any Access Centre.

How do I apply to use Access Centre?

  1. You can request a reservation form from any of our friendly Access TT CSRs;
  2. Follow the simple instructions to fill out the form - Our Access TT CSRs are available if you require any assistance;
  3. When you have completed your form, submit it to any Access TT CSR;
  4. The Access TT CSR will give you feedback on your reservation date and time within two (2) business days.



Penal Access Centre –225-6830
Guayaguayare Access Centre –630-4571
Cumana Access Centre– 670-3535
Marac Access Centre – 656-7033
Carenage Access Centre – 610-4428