Minister in the Ministry of Public Administration and Digital Transformation


Senator Hassel Bacchus

Senator the Honourable Hassel Larry Bacchus is the holder of A.A.S. Electronics Engineering Technology from the University of the District of Columbia. Van Ness Campus. Over his career he pursued the following areas of study;

  • Certificate Leadership Development Program Arthur Lok Jack
  • Certificates in Project Management
  • Certificates on Transport, Switching, mobile and management systems from numerous vendors including Huawei; Genband, Alcatel, Harris, Icaro
  • Certification in the use of admin systems utilized in TSTT including C.I.S., PeopleSoft, Accescare

Senator Bacchus on a personal and a professional level is self-motivated, goal orientated, creative, experienced Telecom Technology Leader with a proven track record across multiple I.T. and Telecom Managerial and Operational environments. He understands and is at ease working within all levels of a corporation. Senator Bacchus possesses an in-depth knowledge of service provider deployment, fulfilment and assurance processes. Track record in developing new operational areas and ensuring functional integrity. Detailed understanding of I.T. solutions, legacy and Next Generation switching and transport networks in both wired and wireless core and access spheres. Proficient in creating and evaluating business documents with the ability to understand and negotiate with a focus on value and Customer and Service. Senator Bacchus passion for educating and sharing is at the heart of his work.

The passion for Electronics and Telecom fueled his decision to enter the Telecommunications Industry This passion was demonstrated during his tenure at TELCO and subsequently Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago Limited. It is almost impossible to speak about Senator Bacchus without talking about the company in which he spent over thirty (30) years, and has led many teams through technological and operations change. This journey started on October 16, 1989.

Senator Bacchus is the only employee who rose from the position of Technician to become a member of the TSTT Executive. During this period, his performance has been exemplary. The following accomplishments are a testimony;

  • built and lead strong Engineering and Operations teams that evolved TSTTs transport and wireless networks;
  • successful implementation of the N.O.C. development project that resulted in:
    • Single Point of Contact for Network incidents
    • Centralized Network Wide Monitoring

Direct reduction in the critical indicators of:

  • Mean Time To Detect (MTTD)
  • Mean Time To communicate (MTTC)
  • Contributing to the reduction in: Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • completion the development of a Broadband Serving Strategy (Wireless and Wired) to serve 95% of the population of Tobago; as well as;
  • lead the successful development and implementation of a plan for operating processes to ensure the IPTV SAC is in full and seamless alignment with service assurance in the N.O.C.

Senator Bacchus is an authority in the field of Telecom and has demonstrated his understanding and capability in Digitization and Digitalization. The following reflects this recognition.

2020 CANTO Conversations (via Zoom) Senator Bacchus presented on Understanding 5G Technology with Mr Carlos Bocsh Head of Technology GSMA.

TSTT Huawei 5G launch. Senator Bacchus presented on 5G and executed the live demo.

2018 LATAM Wireless Summit Trinidad. Senator Bacchus presented on 4G TDD LTE in Trinidad and Tobago

2017 Laventille Nights" brought Howard University, U.S. Embassy and TSTT to Success Laventille Secondary School for career guidance. Senator Bacchus spoke on the Topic Technology Education along with Dr Wayne Frederick

2016 LATAM Broadband Forum in Bariloche, Argentina; Senator Bacchus spoke on the Innovative ways the TSTT is using a (Fixed Wireless Access) WTTX TDD LTE Network. He also participated in the C.T.O. roundtable at the same event. Previously. IBM PULSE conference. Senator Bacchus presented on Next-generation Networks (NGN) Service Management and participated in a panel discussion on the same topic.